Help is Here!

We Help newly diagnosed ovarian and breast cancer patients get the financial assistance they need when you work with the MLC Cancer Foundation in Martinsville, Virginia. This team is committed to educating people throughout Martinsville, the area with the highest cancer rate in the state of Virginia, about genetic mutation and the importance of being tested.

About Us

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that offers resources for financial assistance to cancer patients to cover expenses incurred due to diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Help support cancer patients in need with a charitable donation to the MLC Cancer Foundation.


Monetary donations to help provide direct and indirect financial assistance to patients. These donations help us put on fundraisers, and the rest goes directly to cancer battlers.


The MLC Cancer Foundation continues to achieve its mission to assist patients when diagnosed. In addition to financial support, our foundation educates all on preventative options and also testing benefits for the entire family.

The Warriors


The test results returned positive and the news is devistating. Now what? YOUR story does not end here!


What does healthcare cover? Do I have enough sick leave? What changes will my body go through? Call us.


You've got this! Keep climbing, keep reaching, the apex is within sight. Beat cancer!

Assistance Is Always Welcome

Love our mission? Want to help, here's a list of the many ways you can.


Help drive our awareness efforts when you pitch in to event registration, preparation, and set-up. Professional volunteers, including nutritionists and dieticians, are also welcome.


Show your commitment to helping those diagnosed with ovarian and breast cancer when you make a charitable donation. Donations help cancer patients in need.


The MLC Cancer Foundation currently seeks partners and sponsors interested in donating and helping our cause, particularly individuals working in genetic counseling and cancer research.

Why Martinsville?

Martinsville has the highest cancer rate in the state of Virginia. The MLC Cancer Foundation is committed to providing preventive measures to the great people of Martinsville.


We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by phone, email, or the form today!