2020 Guest Speakers

Evelyn Pettie Reid

After 21 years of bein cancer free, Evelyn Reid shares her personal journey of surving and living healthy after a cancer diagnosis. In her book Cancer A Sentence to Live 2nd Edition, Reid gives many details of her research, dietary supplements and eating healthy foods tha can healing to your life.

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening, confusing and depressing and it can be tempting to give in to passivity and even despair. Reid shows readers another way. By taking a hoslitic approach, Reid encourages readers to take care of not only their physical selves but also their souls, so that any obstacles to healing might be removed.

Tiffany Morris

A nurse educator for 25 years, Morris is recognized for her expertise in facilitating student success and creating an active, engaging learning environment. Morris earned her Certified Nurse Educator credentials from the National League of Nursing in 2016 and holds a Masters’ of Science Degree in Higher Education: Integrative Studies, along with a Masters’ of Science Degree in Nursing.

She is the co-author of “It’s in your hands, think like a nurse”, a method to engage students in critical thinking and clinical decision making. She has presented at several local ,state, and national conferences related to academic coaching, facilitating student success and creative teaching strategies to engage learners.