2019 Guest Speakers

Evelyn Pettie Reid

After 21 years of bein cancer free, Evelyn Reid shares her personal journey of surving and living healthy after a cancer diagnosis. In her book Cancer A Sentence to Live 2nd Edition, Reid gives many details of her research, dietary supplements and eating healthy foods tha can healing to your life.

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening, confusing and depressing and it can be tempting to give in to passivity and even despair. Reid shows readers another way. By taking a hoslitic approach, Reid encourages readers to take care of not only their physical selves but also their souls, so that any obstacles to healing might be removed.

Misti Williams

“I think the most exciting technology in cancer care today is molecular diagnostics to improve outcomes,” says Misti Williams, LCGC, a genetic counselor at LewisGale Regional Cancer Center. Doctors can now find mutations in genes so that, in a cancer patient, this means knowing how the cancer will act and how to best fight it. Combining that with immunotherapies and advanced radiation technology is increasing survival rates and quality of life for cancer patients in Virginia.

“It used to take us eight months to test a single gene vs. several weeks now. And now we can test, instead of one at a time, 17 or 34 genes at a time or more, depending on what sort of condition we’re looking for,” says Williams. “The technology is better, so we can look at more information.”

Janet Steward

Janet Steward is a Health and Wellness coach and owner of SMART Body Dynamics. Janet’s mission is to educate the public about the power of food and it’s role as functional medicine for the body; as well as how it impacts their immune system

It’s my goal to help you better understand YOUR body and how to achieve long term better health. As a former basketball coach and instructional coach, know that you are never left to figure things out on your own.